About us


This course is suitable for

  • The English learners who can hardly attend any English class and prefer to learn on their own pace and at home.
  • The English teachers who don’t have enough time to address writing task in their class and would like to use our course as a complementary to their class.

It introduces a new mode of communication between teachers and learners which are far away. Through this course not only may you improve your writing skill but also you save time and money. Students are supported with teachers’ feedback as they practice a range of writing styles. In addition to tutor feedback on the course assignments, useful and instructional tips  would be provided  in our Telegram Channel or the website. This course offers guidance for students through discoursal level of language and lead them to see beyond sentences’ connections. It is strongly recommended that you engage in writing every week and read our teachers’ comments. Although this virtual class is a free service, you will be rewarded at the end of the course ONLY IF you take part in every single stage of the study. Below you can find the course stages.

Program stages:

Stage#1: Placement test
At the first beginning, an Oxford Placement Test will be performed. If you pass, a link to schedule a time for the speaking test will be shown. click and choose a time you are available.
Stage#2:Speaking test 
an interview will be done by one of our member. We will let you know the time and the mode. Then we will send you username and password to sign in to the website. This test will be performed through available voice services which means your presence is not required. 
Every week you are supposed to write an  essay which consists of at least 3 paragraphs. The topics are in our website. Also, you can be a member in our Telegram Channel to receive some useful English points on your cellphone. Soon after posting your writing, you will receive comment on it. This procedure will be continued over 5 weeks. 
Stage#4:Speaking test 
After the last writing, you will be asked to attend the same speaking test.
Stage#5:Speaking test 
After a month, you will be asked to take part in the same speaking test.


We hope you enjoy this online learning experience.